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MySupport portal gives you a quick overview of updates, current and important information for your saved products.
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He olvidado mi palabra de paso
  • Personalized and fully customizable portal
  • Save and manage your Fujitsu products
  • Find information quickly with minimal navigation
  • Easy access to MySupport requests / status updates
  • Fewer logins
  • Proactive functions available such as newsletter, reminders and RSS feeds
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Optimized for smart device use
  • Modular development to enable implementation of further modules in the future

After login or registration and configuration of the MySupport portal, you can use the following modules for your saved products: Noticias electrónicas de soporte, Driver, BIOS, Aplicaciones, Documentos, FAQs, Estado de la Peticion de Servicio, Service Desk, Garantía, Part list y Detalle del producto