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For ease of navigation you can find here an overview of all our existing online services as well as the most important information regarding our web pages.
Product Security
  The Fujitsu PSIRT is the Fujitsu entity, responsible for product-specific IT security in Europe. It addresses all known threats, vulnerabilities and other security issues, usually in the form of Security Advisories and Security Notices, in its dedicated PRODUCT SECURITY section.
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  All available drivers, BIOS versions and software updates for Fujitsu computer systems can be downloaded here. To download updates for Microsoft applications and Support Pack, please use the link on our support homepage.
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  Dersom du trenger å komme i kontakt med oss vedrørende service- eller teknisk relaterte spørsmål, har du disse mulighetene:
  • Elektronisk feilmelding
  • Service Desk
  • Your Service Partner
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Product Support
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Community & Info
  • Alle emner i vårt forum omhandler Fujitsu produkter: du kan stille spørsmål vedrørende ditt produkt, dele informasjon og erfaringer og hjelpsomme tips og råd.
    Delta! For tiden er forumet delt inn i fem forskjellige temaer: Håndholdte, stasjonære og bærbare PCer, Servere og løsninger, programvare og operativsystem.
  • General Support information
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  • Warranty
  • For questions regarding warranty terms agreed in a special project, please consult the respective contract holder.
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  • MySupport portal gives you a quick overview of updates and important up-to-date information for your saved products
  • Stay informed about the latest driver and software updates for your product with our support e-newsletter.
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