Title:D2990-A3x - Admin package - Compressed Flash Files [Flash - BIOS]
Version (Date):V4.6.5.3 - R1.23.0 (1/17/2013)
Size:12.14 MB
Language:Supports all languages
Comment: 24-Jan-2013 BIOS - Change V4.6.5.3 R1.23.0 for D2990-A3x ==================================================== - Updated video BIOS. - Added new BIOS feature wake up on RTC on “one day of the week”. - Fixed Windows 8 blue screen in UEFI mode after very first ACPI S4 boot. - Within Windows XP system may wake up by itself from ACPI S3. - Corrected selected devices in audio popup menu. As a result of this an automatically hardware scan without user action may result after first boot into OS. - Display output is available in case of UEFI network boot. - Updated GABI interface. - Removed status code from quiet boot screen. - Removed legacy first and UEFI first entries for PXE in CSM setup menu. - Redesigned Fujitsu boot logo. ==================================================== History-List: ------------- 23-Nov-2012 BIOS - Change V4.6.5.3 R1.21.0 for D2990-A3x ==================================================== - Fixed: USB wireless card was not recognized sporadically. 02-Nov-2012 BIOS - Change V4.6.5.3 R1.20.0 for D2990-A3x ==================================================== - ACPI mechanism for using Windows 8 improved. 23-Oct-2012 BIOS - Change V4.6.5.3 R1.19.0 for D2990-A3x ==================================================== - Added Win 8 support. - Added new CPU microcode patches. - Added UEFI boot support for Realtek LAN controller. - Fixed: Sporadically system power off during boot. - Fixed: Sporadically hang up during POST. - Changed the behavior of the power button state feature. - Fixed: System not booting with limited "Active Processor Cores" and low power soft off enabled at BIOS Setup. - Updated GABI interface. - Redesigned Fujitsu boot logo. 06-Aug-2012 BIOS - Change V4.6.5.3 R1.14.0 for D2990-A3x ==================================================== - Improved BIOS recovery mechanism. - Fixed sporadically system hang up during reboot via windows one click BIOS update. - Updated PXE option ROM. - Fixed: BIOS setup freezes after starting UEFI shell unsuccessfully. 03-Jul-2012 BIOS - Change V4.6.5.3 R1.10.0 for D2990-A3x ==================================================== - Fixed high sporadically DOS LAN hang up. 21-Jun-2012 BIOS - Change V4.6.5.3 R1.9.0 for D2990-A3x ==================================================== - Fixed problems with nVidia NV GT630 video card. - Updated CPU microcode code. - Fixed: Memory information at BIOS setup info page was lost after warm reset. - Added support for complex passwords via GABI interface. - Fixed DMI type 9 and 41 descriptions. 03-May-2012 BIOS - Change V4.6.5.3 R1.6.0 for D2990-A3x ==================================================== - First released version.
Operating System:No Operating System Dependencies
Products:Systemboard D2990-A3x
Personal Computer ESPRIMO P400
Personal Computer ESPRIMO PH300
Personal Computer ESPRIMO E400
Open Webpage:http://support.ts.fujitsu.com/indexdownload.asp?Softwareguid=20bebf18-6bea-4a53-a501-59b29a26f446