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How2Fixit *
Some basic technical topics explained in an easy way for skilled and advanced users.
PRIMERGY Release Matrix *
Information regarding released hardware, components, BIOS and Firmware versions, operating systems and server management software
Windows Support *
- Microsoft Support
- Microsoft Automated Solutions - Windows Troubleshooting Platform *
- Пошаговое руководство по переходу на Windows 10 *
- Windows 10 - обновления & версии *
- Windows 11 - Upgrade, Updates & Versions *
- Поддержка систем FUJITSU с установленной ОС Windows 7 и Windows 8.1 на платформе Intel Skylake *
AIS Connect *
AIS Connect Service offers two prime advantages:
  • In simple setup, AIS Connect enables your system to send Autocalls to the Fujitsu Service Center. Depending on the message an incident is opened by the country Service Desk and processed according to your contractually agreed Service Level.
  • In full setup and only with your individual confirmation, AIS Connect allows the Fujitsu Service Center to access your system remotely for further problem diagnosis.

AIS Connect Agent supports currently PRIMERGY RX/TX, CX and ETERNUS DX Systems.
For Infrastructures the AIS Connect Support Gateway is recommended.

In MySupport Portal you can select your systems based on the serial-/ ident number and store In- / Out-of-Office contact details.
Программа замены аккумуляторов *

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