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DeskUpdate là ứng dụng cài đặt phần mềm (driver và utilities) và các bản cập nhật của BIOS

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  • Please check if your system is listed in the compatibility list with the respective operating systems.
  • Please note that at least one network driver has to be installed and a connection to the internet must be established. (Network drivers for your system can be also found in the compatibility list.)
  • We recommend using a high-speed internet connection (download > 1 MBit). Do not run DeskUpdate with a modem or ISDN connection.
  • Download the DeskUpdate software and extract it to your system. There is no separate installation necessary.
  • Start the “DeskUpdate.exe“ file and follow the instructions.

Please note:

  • The installation of the entire system can take some minutes.
  • Only hardware that was included in delivery will be supported.
  • Please close appearing “Found New Hardware Wizard“ pop-up windows with “cancel“.
  • Due to technical reasons DeskUpdate is not able to identify and install every kind of Software automatically. Please check (here), if there are further drivers or software for a manually installation available.

Data security:

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