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Device Driver -

Intel® HD Graphics

File: FTS_Intel®
  Date: 18.12.2009
  Size: 49,85 MB
  Language: / Supports all languages
  Manufacturer: Intel
Operating systems:
  Windows 7 Enterprise
Windows 7 Home Basic
Windows 7 Home Premium
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Installation description:
WHQL Signature : Logo'd
 Silent install switch    : Setup.exe -s
 How to install  :
1. To install from a Web download, you will download either a ZIP file or an
   EXE file from the Web.
  a. If it is an EXE file, double-click the file you downloaded and specify a ...
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- Make sure the AC adapter is connected to PC before installing driver.
- Disconnect the external monitor and TV from PC before installing the driver.
- Can not change the display devices with Fn+F10 key in dual monitor mode.
- The function "Use this device as the primary monitor&qu...
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Use in the following products:
 LIFEBOOK A530 / AH530
 LIFEBOOK A550 / AH550 (Intel Gfx)
 LIFEBOOK E780 (Intel Gfx)
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