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Flash - BIOS -

BIOS Flash (ISO CD-Image) - AMILO Pi3540

  File: FTS_BIOSFlashISOCDImageAMILOPi3540_110C_1046595.ISO
  Version: 1.10C
  Date: 12/01/2010
  Size: 24.36 MB
  Manufacturer: Fujitsu Technology Solutions
Operating systems:
Very important information:
Important information
!! Connect the AC adapter before starting the BIOS flash !!
!! Please reboot the system after the BIOS flash !!
Installation description:
Boots the system from the inserted Flash BIOS CD-ROM and comply the info on the
System display.
The new BIOS Update file will delete the former BIOS Version.
*         BIOS Flash-update for             
*  ...
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